Congratulations!  You’ve stumbled across my bio!

I am know as the Trouble World Champion. Tired of my mundane position as an Executive Assistant to a VP/ CFO I became an International Spy.  I’m currently yachting across the Mediterranean with Jason Bourne, stealing classified information, and sipping martinis ....shaken, not stirred. 

Fine.  That may have been a *bit* of an exaggeration.

I grew up in Paris Ontario, a small town West of Toronto.  I currently live in Ayr Ontario, which is just a stone throw from Paris.  I love the city but I don’t want to live there, I need my space.  Definitely a Country girl by heart.  I graduated from Mohawk College after taking an Administration course and landed a job at a motion control distribution company where I worked as an admin assistant for over ten years.  Feeling the need to move on, I pursued a career in Insurance and became an Executive Assistant at a major Insurance company, supporting a VP/CFO and her leadership team.  A job I love and have been doing for almost nine years. 

Diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and now a stage four cancer patient, I have had to step away from work several times to deal with surgeries/treatment/side effects.  It’s like that awkward moment when you are wearing Nikes and realize you CAN’T do it.  I feel everything is fine but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock was sliding off ...and I just need time to take my shoes off and fix the issue.  Through it all I have retained my role as an EA, with the same amazing leadership team, at the same Insurance company ...because they have always been an incredible support.

Although I’ve been doing very well in my cancer journey, I recently decided to step away from work for an extended period, (we’ll call it a sabbatical) to have some time to myself and live the hell out of life. Work supported this 110% with a “why haven’t you done this sooner?” ...and yes, I still have the same EA role when I decide to return.  As a cancer patient you never know when luck will turn and you can’t leave footprints in the sand if you’re sitting on your butt.

I enjoy hockey, basketball, golf, play league softball, hiking, and horseback riding.  I’m lucky enough to own a quarter horse named Pete who has gotten me through so much.  There is nothing like a partnership with a horse who can sense how you’re feeling as soon as you walk into the barn. I’m an animal lover in general.  I paint as a hobby, but I’ve recently started to paint on a more regular basis.  My favourite author is Michael Connelly, I listen to rock, and I’m an IPA beer connoisseur.  ;)  I feel I’m kind, humble, have a good sense of humour, love things that can make me laugh, and care a hell of a lot for my friends.  I am known to be historically stubborn (apparently) and can have a fiery red headed personality ..on occasion. I’m also unable to type with boxing gloves on. 

I decide to start this website for those interested in my art.  I have had several people say I should be selling my paintings and I’m getting requests.  So.....tada!!  A website about how awesome I am....and of my paintings!  As many of you know I love to help others, especially those also effected by cancer.  A large portion of all sales will go to the Canadian Cancer Centre charity, as this is more of a hobby for me than anything else.